Yishun Executive Condominium Located at Northpoint City Shopping Centre

Yishun Executive Condominium Located at Northpoint City Shopping Centre

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The Yishun Executive Condominium is set to open later this year. Yishun International, the country’s largest property developer has teamed up with several renowned names in the hospitality industry in Singapore, to bring one of the best luxury lifestyle properties in the country. Yishun Executive Condo is located in close proximity to the Yishun Industrial Estate, an exciting new development which promises to be the next major economic boost for Singapore. This project, in partnership with the Singapore Tourism and Development (STAD), is designed to increase the capacity of Yishun Industrial Estate to meet the demands of the rapid economic growth of Singapore. Yishun Executive Condominium is the second property from Yishun to be launched under this partnership.

The Northpoint City Shopping Centre is located in Northpoint, Singapore. This shopping centre is one of the most well-loved malls in the country. It is conveniently located in close proximity to many popular Singapore attractions such as the Singapore Botanical Gardens, Orchard Road, Gereng Road and Yishun International Airport. The centre was built by Yishun Properties Limited, an expert real estate developer. The centre is managed by the subsidiary of Sing Holdings Real Estate Corporation (SHRE) with a shareholding by Yishun Group and Borneo Plaza Management Corporation.

Northpoint City Shopping Centre has been designed by architecture specialists with an eye to providing an excellent customer experience and a balanced retail environment. The centre offers a wide range of retail outlets, food courts and eating options to provide an exceptional shopping experience to visitors visiting the area. The centre is designed to meet the increasing demands for convenience, choice, value and improved quality in retailing.

The retail spaces are arranged in five distinct zones, namely, Central, East, West, North and South. This ensures that customers do not get lost in the mall. The retail establishments include such local favourites as Kaleidoscope, Babalouz, Superdry, Supermarket Gold Yesevene, Cacao & Tea Leaf, Papi Coffee, Sweetarts, Target, Lego and many more. These stores also offer a variety of dining options at various price ranges, from street stalls to fine dining. Dining can be done inside the mall or outside in the restaurants.

Dining can be taken out into the streets and restaurants of the Northpoint City Shopping Centre. Fried Enoki and Fried Tofu are two popular choices. Freshly made tamales and other delicacies can be tried by tourists. The restaurant can also cater to the tastes of children by offering snacks such as chicken fingers and squid feet. Other delicious food items can be found in the restaurant and a variety of international dishes can also be ordered from the buffet.

The Yishun Executive Condominium has a large covered outdoor parking area. There is a separate entrance and exit door in the unit, which is well lit and sealed with heavy duty grills. The entire complex has a well lit dining and living area with several air conditioned private balconies and terraces. The common area of Yishun Executive condominium is surrounded by a six foot high privacy fence with four posts on each side. The pool area is also provided with a covered patio with two fireplaces.

Yishun Executive Condominium is a fully-stocked, fully-operational condominium in the heart of the new town of Northpoint, having one of the best locations in the whole of Hong Kong. Located next to the Yishun International Airport and a short walk from the new developments at Central and Northpoint, Yishun ECC brings the very best of the new town to residents. Yishun Executive offers many attractive features and is one of the premiere executive condominiums in the entire city. It has all the facilities and amenities that are found only in the premier projects all over the world. The Yishun ECC brings these all to its residents with its contemporary interior designs, spacious spaces and exceptional services.

Yishun ECC offers four bedrooms and two baths for its residents. With a minimum price of Yishun Executive Condominium Unit R has, residents get a fully-equipped private compound with a fully-equipped kitchen with all the modern appliances. The Yishun Executive offers a spacious swimming pool and features an indoor swimming pool, sauna and steam room. Other services include a fully-equipped fitness centre, a restaurant with an on-site Chinese restaurant and a health centre with a pharmacy. The Yishun Executive also has a high speed broadband internet access and cable television with unlimited access.

Yishun Executive has a large number of residents who have found it convenient to live here as it is close to many of the important establishments in the city. Residents have easy access to the Yishun MRT station which takes them to the other parts of the city. The Yishun Executive apartments are also close to several shopping centres. The residents have access to many of the amenities that are available to residents of an ordinary apartment. The residents have a fully-equipped mini-market inside the Yishun ECC on the second floor.

The property is spread over three sites which are very close to the Yishun Square shopping center, the bus terminal and the business and entertainment facilities in the area. The Yishun Square retail center and the bus terminal are within walking distance and the condominium building is only a few blocks away from all these important areas. A short walk from the Yishun Executive condominium building, the MRT Station is only a few steps away and the residential units are also located quite close to the MRT station so that residents do not have to travel too far for anything. The facilities provided by the Yishun Executive condos are really worth the investment and they have managed to create a buzz around the whole region.

All the apartments have been furnished with the latest in high-end technology. All units have been furnished with two television sets and one refrigerator. There is also a security and parking management service available. The Yishun Executive comes with all the standard facilities like a swimming pool and a health spa. The residents of the Yishun Executive Condominium do not have to worry about commuting problems as the buses and a commuter railway are located nearby.

Yishun executive condominiums are managed by Yishun International. The management of Yishun International includes representatives who are resident directors of each of the units. The Yishun executive management assists the residents of Yishun Executive with providing them with advice on matters relating to their apartment size. Yishun also assists with making referrals to the Yishun community managers when the need arises.

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