The Benefits of Living at Marina Gardens Lane GLS

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The Benefits of Living at Marina Gardens Lane GLS

There are several benefits of living at Marina Gardens Lane GLS Site. From the views to the convenience, this new neighbourhood has a lot to offer. The first sale site is expected to be launched in 2H2022. There are also plans to develop more space in the future. It will be a mixed-use development, allowing for further expansion.

Marina Gardens Lane

Located near Gardens by the Bay, Marina Gardens Lane GLS is set to launch private residential developments soon. It will be a car-lite estate with mixed-use development, including hotels, retail spaces and residential units. This project will kick-start the redevelopment of the area and is expected to produce 795 new residences and 750 sq m of commercial space.

It will feature 750 square metres of commercial space and 795 residential units, ranging from studios to penthouses. With its waterfront location, Marina Gardens will offer residents a serene escape. It is home to a variety of sculptures and installations that contribute to the overall theme of the project. The highlights include a seven-meter flower clock, a bull and a giant snail. Another highlight is the bronze child, which is nine meters long, three meters tall and weighs seven tons.

Marina Gardens Lane GLS Convenience

Located in the heart of the central business district, Marina Gardens Lane offers unparalleled connectivity, vistas, and intrinsic value. Surrounded by two parks and two MRT stations, this residential neighbourhood is also convenient to many amenities. From shopping malls to restaurants, Marina Gardens Lane offers convenience and easy access to work, play, and other essential activities.

In addition to its proximity to Gardens by the Bay, Marina Gardens Lane will provide residents with a stunning view of the Straits of Singapore. It will also feature urban village elements, such as shops, cafes, grocery stores, and barbershops and beauty salons. Moreover, residents will enjoy the convenience of pedestrian-friendly streets and dedicated bike paths.

Marina Gardens Lane GLS Luxury

If you’re looking to live in the heart of the city, luxury Marina Gardens Lane apartments for sale will be an excellent choice. The precinct sits next to Gardens by the Bay and overlooks the Marina Reservoir and Straits of Singapore. The project is set to be a major catalyst in the development of the Marina South neighbourhood. Aside from being in the heart of the city, Marina Gardens Lane also offers panoramic views of the skyline and Gardens by the Bay.

This upscale residential development is an excellent choice for both local and foreign buyers. It will feature luxurious apartments and penthouses with world-class amenities. The price range for these apartments starts from $2171 psf.

Marina Gardens Lane GLSViews

The government’s Government Land Sales (GLS) programme is now delivering mixed development sites in the core city region. The first, the Marina Gardens Lane site, is expected to yield 793 units. It is situated close to Garden by the Bay and provides access to the Marina South MRT station.

The site is likely to attract three to five bids. It is also a testbed for urban living and the Marina Bay extension. Moreover, it enjoys strong connectivity to the Marina South MRT station, which is a key factor for investors and developers. The site was previously on the H1 2022 Reserve List.

Residents of Marina Gardens Lane will find a wide variety of amenities and facilities in this development. With a central location and a vista of the Marina, it’s the ideal location for living and working. The units offer a combination of modern amenities and stunning views of the city.


Located near the Marina South MRT station, Marina Gardens Lane is a prime development site with first-mover advantage for developers. The plot is surrounded by the Gardens by the Bay and will soon be connected to the Marina South MRT station. Besides, this location is also near Tampines Avenue 11. This land parcel offers the potential for 1,190 private residences, as well as up to 12,000 square meters of commercial and retail space.

The development is expected to launch its first phase in December 2022. The first phase will yield 795 homes and 750 square meters of commercial space, kicking off the development of the Marina South neighborhood. The prime location means that the residential units will have spectacular views of the city skyline and Gardens by the Bay.

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